In many countries all over the world, especially United States, baseball has been the leading sport for youth in the past decades. It is not only a good way to introduce your kids to playing sport, but it is also a perfect way to show them the value and spirit of teamwork as well as coordination. In addition, baseball is also a good way to keep fit and stay healthy when you play on a regular basis as other forms of sport.

The following are some of the greatest health benefits of playing baseball that you need to know:

  1. Do cardiovascular exercises

Cardio exercises will help to improve the capacity of your lung as well as strengthen the muscle of your heart, which you certainly get from moving around the field. For example, batter runs the bases, outfielder runs to catch a flying ball and catcher chases a foul ball. All of them are doing cardiovascular exercise during a baseball game.

  1. Strengthen your arms

In general, catching a ball, throwing a ball and swinging a baseball bat are perfect ways to improve the flexibility and build the strength of your arms. More specifically, swinging a bat and throwing a ball require the moving of all muscles in your arms such as the triceps and biceps as well as the muscles of your shoulders and chest.

  1. Build strong legs 

Just like your arms, all of the main muscle in your legs will be involved during a baseball game. Squatting down and throwing to take back a ball, moving laterally will engage your calf, hamstrings, quadriceps as well as glutes muscles. In particular, running is not only a good exercise for cardiovascular system, but it is also perfect for building up and toning the muscles in your leg.

  1. Improve eye-hand coordination

Batting as well as pitching a ball needs a great amount of eye-hand coordination.

  1. Burn more calories

Catching, running, swinging or even walking from and to the dugout are good exercises which might burn a large amount of calories and boost your metabolism. According to some recent studies, a person who is about 150 pounds in weight can burn more than 360 calories per hour when he or she is playing baseball.

  1. Relieve stress

Being involved in a baseball game would help players to develop their concentration and mental focus as well as refresh their mind from daily distractions and worries.

  1. Good for youth

Children who take part in youth sports such as baseball and softball a lot are more likely to have fewer problems in health, thereby living a longer life. In addition, they also help them attend college and avoid abusing harmful substance.

  1. Improve overall fitness

According to some sport fitness experts, a professional player in baseball has the ability to run 55 meters in less than 7 seconds and tends to be thin and fit with the percentage of body fat ranging from 8 to 9.

  1. Be exposed to sunlight

Generally, baseball is an outdoor sport. This means that a player would be exposed to the sunlight directly, which is known as a good natural source of vitamin D. It is really important for your body to take in enough amount of vitamin D everyday so that it would be able to absorb as well as metabolize phosphorus and calcium.

  1. Sharpen your mind

When you are making a split-second decision on which is the suitable strategy to carry out on a particular play, it could help to keep your mind alert and sharp.

To sum up, as the nature of playing baseball involves moving or running outdoors a lot, it will definitely bring a lot of benefits for your health, especially arms and legs muscle groups, cardiovascular system, mind as well as eye-hand coordination. This is one of the most important reasons why more and more people choose to play this sport all over the world. To get more useful information about how to play baseball along with several helpful skills and tips, visit hitterish to have a better understanding of this interesting sport.

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