What are few features to make it a best Impact Driver 2016?

It is important to consider the job of impact driver such as are you merely want to use it for household tasks rarely or you are a contractor & carpenter who requires a tool which can handle inflexibilities of regular work before you begin searching for impact driver you truly want to purchase.

Moreover, there are all kinds of impact drivers, such as compact, small, lightweight to large and powerful to heavy ones. Besides this, your main reason, the ones, which actually decide the types of tasks, best impact driver 2016 is suitable for will be speed & torque.

Features of Best Impact Drivers

Some of the incredible features of best impact drivers 2016 are as follows:

  • Torque

Actually, torque is the name for twisting power and it is always measures in pounds-inch. Additionally, all impact drivers have higher torque, this is what offers them a lot of benefit overall traditional drills. A small impact driver may have seven-hundred inches-pounds while heavy duty & large impact driver might have more than 1,500 inches-pound. People who are looking for the impact driver for driving bigger bolts in or automotive work should go for heavy duty and larger model.

  • Speed

Beside torque, RPMs are another component involved in selecting the correct impact driver. It is vital to remember that speed of the drill is always measured in RMPs. As mentioned earlier, all impact drivers are higher speed however; there are some, which are faster than other impact drivers are. If users are doing something monotonous such as driving unlimited large bolts, then higher speed impact driver is actual, what they will need.

  • Voltage

The majority of the impact drivers are cordless however, some of them have cords. Always remember that with corded impact drivers users will not have to deal with the recharging batteries however, because of the nature of tasks which impact drivers are mainly used for, some people choose cordless versions. It offers them complete freedom of movement.  One more sign of the power is voltage. Moreover, all best impact drivers of 2016 come in various distinct voltages. Users should remember that higher the voltage the extra powerful they will be.

  • Weight/Size

The low weight and small size of the impact drivers as compared to traditional drills are actual, what people adores about them among all additional things. For prolonged use, weight & size of the impact driver they select to makes a huge difference particularly if they will be using the impact driver for a longer period.

  • Battery

Actually, the life of the battery depends on two factors i.e. type of battery and kind of tasks. It is worth stating that lithium ion batteries are long lasting & better. Currently, the majority of the impact drivers are offering lithium ion battery. Moreover, long lasting batteries are ideal for professional and contractors. On the other hand, if users are just performing regular household tasks, then regular batteries will serve the best purpose.

  • Driver Handle

While using the power device for the prolonged period, it is quite easy to get swellings on fingers or palm. Moreover, the handle of impact driver has to be very comfortable in order to hold it easily for the longer time. In several models, a handle might be converted into the non-slip rubberized material of some type.

  • Reverse Switch

Reverse/ forward switch is quite famous with consumers. This switch permits them to reverse the turning of the impact driver to other direction. Users can avoid jamming the drill with the help of this feature.

  • Light

Enlightening the place in which users are currently working makes it quite easy to ensure that things are lined up correct and moving ahead positively. Few best impact drivers of 2016 come with LED lights which upsurge visibility enormously.

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