Which are best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Majority of the people who suffer from plantar fasciitis have had extra success in lessening their midfoot and back of the heel pain through non-surgical treatments by simply altering their shoes. Moreover, this is the useful, fastest and cheapest way forward and due to this reason based on real verified owner input, I would like to share the list of best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

It is vital to mention that the footwear images and reviews are not gender specific, for instance each footwear comes in various color combinations and designs in order to suit the needs of both males & females fashion needs.

  • Nike Dual Fusion Run 2

When we talk about the Nike brand plantar fasciitis footwear then it is vital to know that users cannot get something better than Nike Dual Fusion Run 2. These shoes are available in both females and males versions.

Moreover, these over pronation best running plantar fasciitis footwear fit true to the size and permits for a greatest & comfortable walking and running experience. Nike dual fusion shoes are made up of a breathable synthetic.

  • Brooks Beast 12

These shoes are considered as the Brook’s top of range motion control footwear and suggested by the podiatrists as one of greatest and ideal running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Brooks’ beast 12 offers perfect performance for light to severe over pronator.

Additionally, the diagonal roll bar of this footwear adds extra firmness to forefoot and improves midfoot support. However, it is vital to state that these shoes are not economical however is surely worth the price tag.

  • Asics Gel-Kayano 20

Every inch of the Asics gel kayano 20 is particularly designed to offer perfection for the lateral support, padding, and comfort and foot alignment. This footwear is very lightweight with a total weight of 11.8 oz. however, still strong & durable enough for more than sufficient motion control for over pronator.


Moreover, the combination of several original designs makes them very good and perfect running shoes for plantar fasciitis from the reliable athletics brand.

  • New Balance MW928

These shoes are considered as the extra comfortable running shoes in their product range. These shoes are known to give highest cushioning and stability. The subtle design of this footwear looks unique & great and comes in four different colors to select from.

This particular model has been around for past several years however, it continues to gain too much acceptance with all those who are experiencing some sort of abnormal gait and foot arch pain. Finally, it’s advanced stabilizing roll bar technology is incredibly supportive.

  • Orthaheel Walker Athletic

This incredible podiatrist designed orthaheel footwear allows the over pronator to walk and stand appropriately which makes it perfect for enhancing abnormality and balance of the gait. These shoes have shock wave absorbing soles and hard-hitting leather upper offering durable support where it is most required, by adding therapeutic benefit and quality to the whole structure of the shoes.

It comes with the APMA seal of approval and considered as the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

  • Asics Gel-Kayano 21

Just like kayano 21, the revised and newer version kayano 21 is also considered as a perfect pair for plantar fasciitis. These shoes come in eighteen distinct colors so that users can confirm that they will get a match from any taste.

Asics gel kayano 21 footwear is made up of the imported synthetic material with rubber sole in order to prevent trips and slips. Theses shoes are particularly designed to enhance a natural gait and efforts to give the natural relief from several kind of pains.


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