After searching and analyzing the most popular brands as well as the best sellers in the helmet industry, we have made a list of the 5 most popular and outstanding helmet brands for any motorcyclist to choose.

We definitely love those helmet brands for their hard work and effort in making riding practice fun and safe.

1. Shoei helmet

Shoei, which was founded in Japan, is an innovative company in high-end helmet industry. In 1976, they created the first helmet made by carbon fiber. After that, they were also the pioneer in placing Kevlar in the construction of helmet.

In fact, Shoei is a quite small company. But they have a large loyal motorcycle customers all over the world thanks to many helmet versions with really high quality. In addition, Shoei always makes sure not to disappoint their fans by creating comfortable and safe helmets.

2. HJC helmet

Established in 1971, HJC has been the first helmet brand in North America since 1992 and is highly popular in a lot of countries all around the world. They achieve success thanks to the manufacturing of affordable, stylish and comfortable helmets with high quality for the customers.

In addition, what makes them different from other brands is the wide range of price, from high to mid end. They are also trying to test new methods and improve their technology make riding more comfortable and safe.

3. Bell helmet

Bell was the first brand to make a full face helmet in 1971, which was famous for not only its high quality but also stylish design. These days, they manufacturer snowmobile, three-quarter, half, full face and different kinds of helmet.

What really fascinates many people is the details that they put into the design of every helmet, which is extremely comfortable and beautifully designed on the head.

Moreover, bell helmets provide a really good ventilation system as well as lightweight form for easy on your head.

An interesting fact is that Bell not only creates helmets for motorcyclist but also for bicycle riders, which are really safe and popular.

4. Shark helmet

Established in France in 1986, SHARK is one of the leading innovator in helmet industry.

For many people, they are widely famous for the incredible design as well as modern technology. In addition, they provide helmets that could meet all the demands of any motorcyclists.

The firm was established by professional racers, which could be the main reason for the emphases and effort that Shark has placed on performance and safety.

The market of Shark is about 350000 helmets every year, which are distributed by a sale network of 5000 outlets all over the world! This brand offers riders with 5-year warranty for most helmet model.

5. AGV helmet

AGV is an Italian brand for motorcycle helmets with high quality, which was founded by Gino Amisano in 1947. The company is most commonly associated with Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini, the World champion in many motorcycle races. Both of them have worn AGV helmets during their successful career.

AGV is widely considered to be the pioneer in the industry for motorcycle helmet by making as well as designing helmet models with premium quality but also affordable for many people to choose.

Through the US line, the helmets of AGV meet the standard certification for DOT safety. In addition, most of their products have the ECE safety certification that is a basic standard in Europe.


As technology has increasingly developed over the past decades, manufacturers are making and designing helmet models with better quality and cheaper price. To know more top helmet brands for your consideration, you should see more on other parts of our site to have a better understanding.

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