Which Best Golf Rangefinders are Currently Available for Golf Players?

It is worth stating that best golf rangefinder is able to do outstanding job when it comes to identifying the yardage between golf players and flagstick. The highly crucial piece of useful information especially in golf which player could truly know and understand is exactly how far players are from their pin.

Majority of the well-known brands utilize foremost laser technology for getting accurate and reliable distances. Once players know the particular distance they have left, they can easily hit the perfect shot. There is a huge range of distinct options and brands to select from therefore, it is vital to do some research before making the final decision of buying the best golf rangefinder.

Bushnell Tour Z6

It is important to share that Bushnell brand has been considered as an incredible leader when it comes to the industry of golf rangefinders. Among all the different models of Bushnell, Tour Z6 is regarded as their workhorse. Moreover, this remarkable golf rangefinder utilizes pin seeker system in order to assure that players always hit their flagstick whenever they try to find the accurate distance.

This golf rangefinder gives an extremely dynamic collection of yardage competences. With the 6-times intensification, Bushnell Tour Z6 is able to see outlying flagsticks effortlessly. With this awesome model of Bushnell, players would never have to take tension about water loss again.

Bushnell Tour V3

This golf rangefinder always beats most of its competitors. It boosts the perfect performance of approximately 1000 yards. Beside this, this model has a unique feature namely SCAN mode. This gold rangefinder can easily update a LCD display when players map out the hole with the help of SCAN mode.

Bushnell Tour V3 also uses Jolt technology. It permits stabilizers & vibrational mechanism for locking on to an image of flagstick. Additionally, the pinpoint precision & accuracy given by the Bushnell Tour V3 is simply in the coalition of its own.

Nikon 8397 Aculon

This golf rangefinder features the compact and sleek design, which simply makes Nikon 8397 Aculon as the highly simply & portable rangefinder which is currently available in the marketplace. This outstanding golf rangefinder is not just convenient and fast however, trusted and affordable as well.

The capacity of about 560 yards over-all distance offer this device the monotonous range once compared to few models currently available in the market. Nikon 8397 Aculon does not utilize pin seeker system, which might be the purchasing determinate for some serious players. In short, if players are searching for the best and affordable price along with high quality than, this golf rangefinder will serve the best purpose.


The VRPROO 500 golf range finder gives an extremely uncertain range of about 540 yards. It uses three best modes in order to find the flagstick namely ProScan mode, distance target priority and first target priority mode. VRPROO 500 golf rangefinder might not be regarded waterproof nevertheless; it is surely regarded rainproof.

Furthermore, when it comes to battery pack, then I would like to mention that it is particularly sealed off so that rainwater will not cause any deterioration to electrical terminals. However, one benefit to this golf rangefinder is its open battery pack. In short, this golf rangefinder is ideal for all those who are working with the limited budget as it mimics the best qualities of the well-known competitors in the golf rangefinder industry.

Overall, it can be concluded that owing the best golf rangefinder players can afford would be the huge advantage especially when they are out on their course.

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